Raspberry Pi

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, and have no idea what the Raspberry Pi is….well, join the new ages already!!

But seriously, any Open-Source / Linux enthusiast should know about the Pi by now.  It’s an ARM-based mini computer that could revolutionize the affordability and accessibility of cheap computing devices on a massive scale.  The Pi is dirt cheap (about $35 US), ultra small (about the size of a credit card), and even better….it runs Linux!!

Although production is just getting off to a very slow start, and inventory will not be available on large scales for a long time it will be very exciting for thousands and thousands of fans to finally get their hands on one of these revolutionary devices

For additional information on the Raspberry Pi, here are some links:
* Official Raspberry Pi website
* Newark / Element 14 (Official distributor)


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